Save the World: Eat a Bug

Nathan Laurenz

“People who can’t tell the difference between entomology and etymology bug me in ways I can’t even put in words.”

You can find this quote, paired with a photo of a young curly-haired beekeeper, on Tinder. This profile is mine, and it…

Allen was not a man who fainted in life. Fainting was for those of a more feminine deposition. All his life he had avoided fainting and thought himself superior for it.

When you die you no longer have a head. Nor blood. …

An incredibly short story inspired by the Major Lazer — Light It Up music video, with a specific focus on 1:49–1:51. Exploring translating multimedia to a text format.

Imagine, if you will, a rave. But not just any rave. The biggest rave in the solar system.

Here humanoids from…

With a splash the hook vanished beneath the water! An excited 11-year-old waited on the shore clenching his fishing pole, muscles tensed and ready to reel in the fish behind the inevitable bite.

An eternity later, (1) there was not so much as a nibble. A defeated younger version of…

This unassuming splotch of color is a lichen, specifically Cryptothecia rubrocincta. Although it may not look like much, lichens are beautiful and diverse creatures, with hidden complexity.

Due to it’s red and green coloration, this particular lichen is often called the Christmas lichen, or Christmas Wreath lichen. It was one…

Nathan Laurenz

These are essays from my time at Cornell slightly modified to fit this format. I hope you enjoy and learn something!

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